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  1. a group of stars forming a recognisable pattern that is traditionally named after its apparent form or identified with a mythological figure.

    • a group of associated or similar people or things.

      "no two people ever show exactly the same constellation of ideas"

Leave your light-filled legacy. Create your constellation.


You are not here to get up, go to work for someone else and come home tired. You’re meant to live a life that’s full of love, abundance, fun and excitement.

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime. You want to make sure like what you do.

We’ve been conditioned to fall into the rat-race, to believe the beliefs everyone else does and for a lot of us, this just doesn’t fit.

I remember as a kid, I was always asking why I had to ‘do the thing’, I was so desperate to know why I had to wear a particular outfit or go to a function that I knew would make me feel crappy. Then, that patterning fell into my adult life, and I felt even more stuck.

I was getting up at 6:30am, driving to work, listening to strategies in meetings that were based on numbers and not people. It broke my heart.

After I left corporate and office work and began to build my business, I fell deep into the hustle, which resulted in a self-care crisis.

So a few years ago, I stopped. My body and heartbroken, I’d listened to my intuition and didn’t understand why it had sent me down the road of exhaustion. So, one day, sitting in my bedroom, I had a conversation with alignment. Yes, a discussion with ‘alignment’, the energy I’d wanted to feel for so long that felt so far outside my body, and she told me something;

‘Elle, you think you’re spiritually aligned and listening to your intuition because you give people energy healings and read oracle cards..this is not true alignment and what you’re meant to do here.’

You know the feeling, you’re excited about your newfound spirituality, and you want more, but it feels safer to play in the light, with the beautiful cards and your Angels than genuinely stepping into the truth of why you came to this way of living in the first place.

This feeling goes more in-depth; you are here to teach others to embark on the same adventure; you are here to help others find their light.

Business Constellation is for the leaders that want to leave a legacy across the sky.

Ready to build your Constellation?


During this 3-month program, you will gain insights into what it takes to build an intuitive empire. At first, we’ll focus on energy clearing, expansion, followed by getting crystal clear with your energy and message. 

I’m sharing with you the process I used to create engaged, happy and healed communities, all while I became

financially abundant. 

Business Constellation guides you to embrace and understand your magical style, your intuition, and your business style. The Business Constellation isn’t a cookie-cutter business development program. During the 3-months, we focus on you, embracing your true essence, your inner star. Thrive being you.

Over the three months; you’ll work through 6 modules, each with their purpose for healing and growth. Each module comprises of video training, exploratory PDF’s and energy healings to clear the blocks that are stopping you from making your dreams coming true.

All participants will also support one another in a private Facebook Group, alongside your Intuitive Cosmic Coach, Elle Steele.


Hi Beautiful,

I’m Elle, an Intuitive Cosmic Coach.

I work predominately with women who want to create positive, sustainable change in their lives through growing a business they already have or starting one.

I have a background in leadership, community building, marketing and events, but have spent the last 15 years studying energy healing and intuition (as well as living with it since birth #archangelchats when I was seven!)

My background also includes 13 years as a swimmer, representing Australia at the 2000 Paralympic Games.


A ton of content that will guide you through your awakening to business mogul.

We’ll work through you ‘why’, and the reasons why it hasn’t worked up until now.

We’ll focus on creating engaged, thriving communities that love what you do and you love to hang.

Content is meant to be fun and educational, and that’s what you’ll get here so that you can create that for your audiences.


Cosmic energy healings that will infuse your aura with the infinite energy of the universe, help you connect to the divine power and strengthen your ability to hold space for large groups.

These energy healings will use a mixture of energy balance therapy and Elle’s own (downloaded) energy healing modality, Power Shapes. All to help you expand your aura, your message and your business.


Fortnightly calls with Elle and your soul sisters. It’s a women’s circle taken to the next level.

During these calls, you will get personal one: on one support with Elle to help you delve even deeper into your purpose and constellation. Get your questions ready; we’re changing the world.


Your own Facebook group, just for you (and your soul sisters) to learn, support and spread the love to each other.

Week day check-ins with Elle.


Each module building from the last, including videos and PDF’s filled with magic, to help you get back to basics.

Each module building from the last, including videos and PDF’s filled with magic, to help you get back to basics.

We stop you from getting caught in the hustle, and the go-go-go and get you in the flow.

Learn when you’re hustling and when you’re inflow. Engage with the energy of the Moon and work to the cycle of the Goddess.

You’ll learn all about the cycles of the Moon and why they affect your energy levels so much.

You’ll learn about TCM and personality make-up so that you can work to your skillset - why make it harder for yourself than it has to be?


Beginning our opening ceremony on a New Moon, we’ll infuse all that we do with rituals, spells and magic. Business doesn’t have to be just post-it’s and SEO.

When we meld the universe’s power with our business knowledge, we infuse our inner star’s light into the work we do, shining a light on our brilliance - we’re a human lighthouse - everyone can see us!


The program includes guest experts talking about business building, energy healing, Goddess Magic, and so much more.

The Business Constellation is your library of magic. My trusted friends and peers want to see you shine, join the gang.


Once you’re part of the Business Constellation family, you get exclusive access to our in-person event for alumni, The Constellation Sister’s Soiree as well as the Find your Freedom Alumni Facebook Group, a home for everyone who’s ever gone through one of our courses.

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The first module focuses on your’ soul’s purpose. Using rituals, you’ll learn to understand what your intuition has been telling you. The Business Constellation teaches you to listen to your intuition and embrace your inner star, the opportunity to explore the life that has been set out for you.

Our first mentorship call always falls on the New Moon; the perfect time to set new intentions. Our fortnightly group coaching and healing sessions begin with this opening ceremony.

PDF’s and specific energy healings comprising of Elle’s modality Power Shapes to ignite your inner star, this first module is a blast off into your new world creating a foundation for change and expansion for the next three months. 


Who, even are you? You know that something lies deep within you, the niggle, you feel it every day.

When we get up close and personal with our Star Magic, we get to know the real us. The truth of who we are and what we are here to do.

Who were you before the world told you, you couldn’t be her?

During module two, we focus on your truth, your identity, and expanding your throat chakra (the energy centre that works with your communication).

We’ll delve deeply into your soul’s purpose and clear any old patterns, vows or energetic contracts that have stopped you from living this purpose. We work out your ‘WHY’ and ‘WHO’ you are, in our fortnightly calls, PDF’s and private FB Group.

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The third module focuses on finding and building your online and offline community. We’ll talk FB groups, online training and creating a thriving, engaged community that wants more.

Your constellation is precious and unique; we want to write your message in stars across the sky.

Everyone is a teacher, and this module is where you get to step into that power.

The work in this module comprises community building and limiting beliefs that have stopped you from embracing this truth.

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What are you creating and bringing into the world?

Your empire. Your star!

During module four, we get clear on our offerings, what they bring to the world, and why we’re creating them in the first place. We’ll get you energetically balanced so that you’re creating the program or business that aligns to your purpose.

You’ll finally understand why you believe the things you think, and begin sharing them to your community. Through exercises such as the visibility challenge and singing love songs to yourself, you’ll get clear on what matters to you the most.

When we connect to our truth, we must step out into the world and be who we are.

Business Constellation, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, into your galaxy.

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If you even got to talk to your soulmate clients, would you even know what to say?

This module five covers magic messaging, getting over your fear of being seen and what you even say when you get the chance.

We’re also working with your aura and energy here to enable you to hold space for others. We have so much information coming at us all the time, part of being a leader is the ability to keep your energy as pure as possible.

This module, you’ll share your story, and see how your message can lead to smooth and effective sales calls and community building.


In module six, we bring it all together, launching your empire to the world, sharing your message and calling in your soul mate clients to work with you.

Master your message, your magic and watch your programs book out.

While we do all of this work, we will also be working on your most magical client magnet, your voice and your energy.

You are meant to be here, doing this.

If you don’t step into your work, then people that you are meant to help, miss out. 

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I booked in because I like to keep an open mind about new concepts that could help live with peace, more wisdom and awareness of a different side of spirituality that I can keep mindful of when it resonates. What is appealing is your ability to create a welcoming environment and your attention to detail in running the Unwinds and making sure that we leave knowing more than before. Love your work! X. 

— S.B.

I've seen Elle for a reading and a healing. I've learnt so much about myself and I have Elle to thank for that!. I feel amazing and empowered! Thanks Elle :)

— E.H.

Wow…truly amazing I can’t speak more highly of Elle. Elle is absolutely one of the reasons my business Gosh Creative really started to fly! 

Meeting weekly with Elle, we would workshop everything from smart goals to my business vision, mission statement and even my elevator pitch!  (plus some healing on top if clarity was needed)

She helped me to question everything Gosh and realise where I wanted to go in then next 2, 3, 5 yrs and beyond. Pushing boundaries, opening up new opportunities and discovering Gosh’s full potential. It was amazing all my goals started to become reality…like magic. Elle would always say it’s you your making it happen..but definitely none of this potential could have been realised without the super magical powers of Elle….Hugest Thank you, Elle.

— Renae Turner - Gosh Creative

Elle is a beautiful person and a very in-tune healer. She is so 'normal" and unpretentious which is refreshing in this field. I had the most amazing experience during a healing with Elle. I felt like I was raised from my body (she was doing that to cleanse me) and I felt warm and enveloped by my recently departed father's love. I wasn't expecting it, and do not go looking for that type of experience, but there was no doubt that is what it was. Thank you. :)

— D.H.

I've had a reading with Elle, as well as healings done, not to mention I've also been to a meditation class where I fell asleep (hopefully wasn't snoring)... Goes to show how relaxed her sessions are. She is an amazing individual and every time I see her... I always smile. Elle brightens up my day just through her magnificent presence. A soul full of life and love... I'm always going back for more!

— J.P.

Elle’s course was such a beautiful experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make positive changes in any area of their life and find new ways to create more joy.

During the course I learnt so much about myself and gained the confidence to finally do the things that I have been putting off for so long.  

Elle helps you to let go of the things holding you back and embrace life so that you can find the freedom to live it the have you always dreamed.

I love and appreciate all the work that Elle has put in to help others and myself

— C.M


Business Constellation is the ultimate permission slip towards your dreams. Working with your energy fields, blocked emotions and recurring patterns, we break these away first, so you no longer have to make it hard for yourself.

Your energy is your most significant client attractor, and once this is in flow, shining and drawing your soul mate clients in, anything is possible.

I’d been in business for NINE years before I hired myself a mentor that got me. After purchasing thousands of dollars worth of online courses, I realised that cookie-cutter business building models weren’t for me, which led me to focus on my energy and message. It was so liberating.

Once I made the changes, in the first month, I tripled my income, and the opportunities kept coming.

The comparison trap is real. We’re forever scrolling other people’s Instagram feeds feeling like we’re missing out on the secret formula.

Business Constellation is a community. None of this is done alone from the private Facebook group for support to my daily check-ins.

I’ll even review your content if you want!

Our fortnightly calls give you the chance to ask questions, you have the support of fellow soul sisters and from someone who’s been there, done that (me!)

I know it can be scary to put a price on your expansion, to say yes to yourself and jump off the edge of the cliff (so to speak).

I promise you that when you state to the universe that you are willing to do anything it takes (in alignment) to your dreams, it will step up next to you and say, ‘alright, let’s go, sister!’



Will I receive 1:1 mentorship? Yes! :) You’ll receive one: on one support from me on the fortnightly calls as well as in the private Facebook group.

When does the course start? Click here to schedule a call with Elle and learn about the next enrollment period.

Who is this program for? Women how was to create sustainable positive change in their lives and communities by building a service-based business, program or event.

How is the content distributed? Each participant receives an online login to our course site where the content will be available weekly.


Here is your permission slip to go off and do what makes you happy.

Today is your day. Build your constellation. Write your name across the sky.