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A confident, professional speaker, Elle has been speaking publicly since she was an elite athlete. Now that she is no longer competing, Elle speaks on various topics and also provides in-house leadership and communication training for staff. 

Presentation topics include: 

Adaptive Leadership and Communication - Adaptive community leadership programs that propel organisations into a world of better productivity, team cohesion and change management projects that actually work. 

The Paralympics and Disability Acceptance - Born with a rare congenital disability Elle had to overcome her pain of feeling different which often presented itself through anxiety and depression. Her adventures as a Paralympian gave her life meaning, but when she had to retire due to injury, Elle's life became about learning the art of self-acceptance and loving her disability. 

Staff Resilience -  In today's fast paced work environments, it is essential to build resilience within your staff members and their out teams. Elle runs various types of resilience training including, one-on-one sessions, wellness programs and educating staff in ways to combat stress in the workplace.  

A leader in her field as a Business Breakthrough Advisor, Elle assists teams to work and thrive outside the box. 

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