Hi, I’m Elle.

The Freedom Oracle at your service.

One late winter night as I filled up my hot water, I looked up and spoke to my Angels, even with slight desperation in my voice, I said out aloud, ‘I just want to know what I want, I just want you to tell me, because I’m so tired and burnt out, I can’t even think straight anymore.’ I got nothing, which wasn’t unusual, because I’d felt intuitively blocked for months.

I tightened the lid of my hot water bottle and pushed up the hallway to my bedroom and there it was, on the wall, my mantra that had been painted for me by some dude at a market in Shoreditch.

‘To give with a love that inspires the FREEDOM in all.’ I looked at it, and audibly sighed. That’s what I wanted! I wanted FREEDOM. From a 9-to-5 job, from a niche, from the ideas of others and from the many opinions that I’d been carrying for to long. I wanted FREEDOM. To be me, in all it’s forms, from intuitive to Paralympian to business woman.

I was sick of niching myself within an inch of my life so that when I got to the end of whatever that niche could give me, I felt stuck.

Apparently, there is a particular way you’re meant to make a business grow, or behave in a board meeting, or as a women, or even as a spiritual person. But what if all those clichés don’t fit, are you just meant to push and prode and mould until you feel sick and have nothing left of yourself?

No, Beauts, you’re not. You’re not meant to be anything, other, than, who you truly are. Today, let’s drop the act. Let’s set you free.