Elle Steele is a gifted leader in Melbourne who connects women with their spiritual power. Since coming out of the ‘spiritual closet’ in 2010, Elle’s mission has been to make women’s lives and businesses more magical through uncovering their intuitive strength.

'I meld my intuition with my business, marketing, events and program management skills to inspire women to embrace their inner star, that deep knowing they have within themselves that keeps saying, I know there is more than this.We are not limited to living one life, we really do have the ability to live a life that inspires us everyday'

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Elle’s background includes 13 years as a swimmer, representing Australia at the 2000 Paralympic Games. Throughout her swimming and rugby career, Elle’s resilience has allowed her to overcome intense physical challenges.

Since hanging up the swimming cap, Elle has worked with organisations heading disability support, change management and mentorship programs and creating meaningful change.

With an inspired suite of programs including her signature workshops, private healings and social media #selfbeliefclub campaigns, Elle is making the world a kinder, more empowered place — one woman at a time.