The Class of Light.  

Are you ready to understand, you, more deeply?

Led by spiritual business coach and intuitive, Elle Steele, The Class of Light brings together a community of like-minded women who want to create positive change in their lives, whether it be in their relationships, career or business through a monthly subscription.

Your intuitive spirit is waiting to shine and The Class of Light Subscription is here to help light the path forward. To be yourself demands your courage and commitment.

Our supportive community offers a safe space to come and be truly yourself, clear away all the crap, ignite your passion and help your ideas come to life. Through a series of workbooks, lessons, conversations and meditations, you’ll begin to connect with the light within you so that you can create powerful change and success.


How the community works

To get the most out of your monthly subscription, you’ll need to want to change. Each month will include a workbook to help you delve deeply into that months theme, a recorded guided meditation, private Facebook group, group healing and support to assist you to become truly yourself. 

Lightworkers don’t always wear crystals. You don’t have to be into the whole goddess woo woo energy to want to make profound changes in your life. It doesn’t matter what your style is – if you are open to stepping into your light and to become more intuitive and aware, it’s actually the best time to say yes to yourself.

‘I’m going to teach you everything I know. I’m going to pour my heart and soul into yours and show you how your life can be a lightning strike across the sky. I’m going to help you find that dread inside and clear it, we’re going to work together as a group to reorganise your energetic structure so that you can shift into your truth and greatness. I am going to show you that we all have the capacity to live a life that lights us up and that without doubt you can do that too’. – Elle  


The monthly subscription is for you if:

  • You want to understand more about the power of the universe, how to create rituals and why everyone is talking about the power of the moon all of a sudden
  • You're interested to know about Angel numbers and spiritual symbols such as animal totems
  • You're interested in meeting your spirit guides
  • You want to chat to Archangels, Shamans and the Goddess
  • You’re thinking about training, or you're already qualified in metaphysical practices or healing modalities
  • You have no idea what any of the above is, but; you still want to go deeper, you see that the world needs healing and that’s what you’re here for. You have a problem, a cause, a reason for why you do what you do, but you’re unsure of how to make it truly come alive. Lumos is here to help you step into your space as an intuitive, a powerful businesswoman, a queen, a lightworker – to break through the darkness and step into your brilliant light.

This subsciption isn't for you if:

  • You only like to passively engage in educational content and aren’t willing to get your hands dirty
  • You just want me to tell you what the lotto numbers are going to be on Saturday or when you’re going to meet ‘the one’
  • You want to go it alone.

What you’ll receive:

  • Monthly topics focusing on spirituality, mystical powers, metaphysical magic and mindset, you’ll learn how to use spiritual techniques to understand yourself 
  • You’ll complete approximately 60 hours of spiritual healing and energetic reorganisation – wowsa!  
  • We’ll hear from other spiritual leaders and healers, learn their secrets and share our own
  • You will be continuously guided by your angels through meditation practices and channelled messages from other presenters and Elle.
  • Continual support through our The Members Facebook group 

There isn’t a select few who are better at “being spiritual” than others, it’s a muscle – just like a bicep – and over the four events, we are going to grow you into who you came here to be

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Hi, I'm Elle.  

Intuitive | Biz Babe | Paralympian

'We are not limited to living one life, we really do have the capacity to live a life that inspires us everyday.

I feel most alive when I see women light up from the inside, realising, they had the power in them all along.' 

Why you’ll fall in love with the Class of Light: 

  • You will learn the honest truth and fast track your way to intuitive truth. Whether you choose to use this in your career or just for personal growth is up to you. 
  • You’ll discover how to live in a world that wants so much of you and how to stay grounded and in your personal power
  • You’ll get time away from responsibilities to just be you, supported by your fellow Lumos Academy monthly members
  • You’ll learn the art of EFT tapping to remove and balance your energetic body
  • You’ll build your knowledge of ritual and the tools that we use to enhance our lives everyday
  • You’ll let go of what has been holding you back, old limiting beliefs, internal language patterns and your lack of confidence 
  • You’ll learn tried and true spiritual and problem solving techniques for the real world
  • You’ll get to meet like-minded people and create new friends
  • You’ll work towards something that will create continual positive change in your life

The monthly subscription provides a unique monthly program of spiritually focused activities that are designed to develop and connect emerging female light-workers through experience based learning.

The program covers an outstanding selection of critical issues faced by today's women as they emerge into their spiritual and personal truth. Each month participants are brought to life by different topics from renowned spiritual leaders.


Join the Class of Light.

For $22 a month, you'll get a monthly themed workbook, recorded meditation, group healing and support through the Lumos Academy Members Facebook Group.