Find your Freedom - July Early Bird

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Find your Freedom - July Early Bird


You have been invited to be part of Find your Freedom starting on July 10, 2019.

As a participant of the March #sevendaysofselfbelief you are entitled to the Angel Price of $888 for the nine-week mentorship. After April 30 this price will go up to the regular amount of $1188.

To claim your spot, pay the deposit of $222 by April 30 and you will be invoiced for the remainder to be paid by June 30.

Find your Freedom is a nine-week intuitive mentorship that will help you to gain more structure, clarity and freedom in your life.

With weekly group coaching/healing sessions, two one-on-one break-through energy healing sessions and a ton of online content for you to work through, you will focus on areas of your life that make you feel stuck and unable to move in your everyday.

Freedom isn’t about changing everything up, you don’t need to leave your job or move to another country to feel free, it’s all about how you feel in the moment. Your mindset contributes to so much, including how free you feel.

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Find your Freedom - Round 2.

Why Find your Freedom? Because sometimes you need guidance, support and mentoring from someone while you find our way.

The program outline is as follows:

  • Week one: How to getting grounded and ready for change

  • Week two: How to start afresh and embrace your creativity

  • Week three: Embracing your Personal Power

  • Week four: Opening your heart

  • Personal Breakthrough - one:on:one healing session

  • Week five: Speaking your truth

  • Week six: Manifestation mastery

  • Week seven: Opening ourselves up for divine brilliance

  • What's next - Planning for your future

You will be drip fed this content but know as you move through this program with Elle, there will be opportunities for you to discuss topics that aren't covered within the content here. This content is used as a general overview to as we welcome in that feeling of freedom and personal acceptance.