Celebrating life and love

Yesterday was my 34th birthday. 

I had a great day with lots of food-related outings, breakfast, lunch, and dinner with various people in my family. I even bought myself some new jeans, undies and had a long bath with essential oils. As well as, snuck in a few episodes of Sex in the City...what happen's when you realise you're more Charlotte than Carrie?

All up it was a great day and I feel truly blessed that I have such a great life full of such love and happiness. One of the best parts of the day was when my Mum hugged me goodnight and said it was so nice to see me so happy 'like it was shining out of me'. It's true you know, it's taken a really long time, but I know in my heart of hearts that I have never felt this happy in my life. 

Even with all the achievements I have experienced, I still felt this underlying feeling of 'not good enough' or 'I should have done better, swum faster, tried harder'. 

I now know at the young age of 34 that none of those feelings ever helped anyone, and I've been preaching it for years, you know me, I've made a business on self-love, better business practices and a better version of you, but in between all of that, I was still striving, hard. 

Yesterday I realised and made a vow to myself. I'm perfect just as I am, I'm no longer handing my power over to feelings of anxiety or comparison or self-loathing. It takes up to much energy and I want that energy for other things like writing love letters (to myself), eating delicious foods and cooking them too, and smelling the roses, and tulips and coffee in the pot. 


Just like every birthday, new year, new moon, full moon, or new beginning, I like to take stock of how I am traveling, how the business is going and if I'm still on message. I feel like I am, I actually feel like I'm getting even more and more refined about why I do what I do and how to do it. And now, it's just about doing what I know more and more. It's trust, isn't it? There are so seriously cool collabs happening and so much more magik will be flying through the air...errrmmmygawd, I can't wait to share it with you! 

All these moments that force us to take time out to reflect on our lives are so important and are here to be cherished. Make sure you're taking time out to be mindful, reflect on your life and funnily enough, one day it'll probably just dawn on you that you're happy and joyful. So, when it does, celebrate it, drink it up, let it fill you up and shine out of you like the sun. 

Happy LIFE to you all. Happy LOVE to you all. May it be filled with avocados, hot coffee, luscious smelling soap and cherished moments.