The Power of Gratitude


Tis the time of year to pack everything in before the holidays. Tis the time of year to spend lots of cash on presents for people. Tis the time of year to spend time with people that you love (or loathe). But, it can sometimes become the time of year that creates anxiety, upset, and loneliness. I know for me, particularly when I am really tired, it can be a bit of a slippery slope between happiness and joyous celebration and anxiety-driven burnout. 

Which is why I believe during this time of year (in particular) an attitude of gratitude is the most powerful way to be. Last week, one of the messages that came through from our Sunday Messages from your Angels (Instagram @iamellesteele) was 'you'll receive a present from the Angels, whether it will be money in your account so you can buy it, or some other gift'. It brought up a lot of interesting conversations with people about what their gifts were. 

But what came for me was this...We already have all the gifts we need, every day. What the Angels really wanted us to notice was that we are abundant in nature. They wanted us to be open to all the good coming our way, so they told us that a 'new' special present was coming, where in actual fact if we're open enough to the beauty of the world we'd see that we get presents constantly. 

Some of these gifts will seem mundane and as if they're making life hard for us, but if we think about it, we: 

  • Live in one of the greatest countries in the world
  • We have money in our bank accounts or we at least know when the next lot of money is coming from 
  • We have food on the table at least three times a day
  • We can pay our bills and if we're paying bills, it actually shows us we're contributing to our countries economic growth
  • We can wear what we want, marry who we want (finally!) and say what we want 
  • Most of us have a piece of technology in our pocket that costs at least $500 

Maybe it's time to start looking at all the wonderful gifts we are given every day. Maybe it's time to be thankful for what we have and to stop complaining about things being taken away?

My belief is that nothing is ever taken away, it's just that I have the resources to give something for something. 


Before you go to bed tonight, why not grab yourself a piece of paper and a pen, and write down five things you're grateful for? 

Then, when you wake up in the morning, why don't you do the same thing? 

The power of gratitude will change your life, you'll never feel as if you're lacking anything or missing out. It'll teach you that there is always enough. On the days where I am feeling anxious or a bit tired, I think to myself, at the very least I am alive, I have people that love me, food in my fridge and friends who want to see me achieve my dreams. 

At the very least, you woke up today and if there are areas of your life that aren't all unicorns and rainbows, know that at the very least you have all the resources to create change and to have what you want, for you are alive, have blood pumping through your veins and air in your lungs. It's not over it yet, don't settle.