How to use your intuition to grow your business...

I remember one of the first times my intuition really stepped in and helped me in my job. It seems like a funny story now, but it was perfect at the time. I was working at my local leisure centre managing the aquatic education lessons and the night before a Sunday morning shift, I had a dream that the lessons pool had been drained of water and we had to cancel all the lessons.

So when I turned up to the pool on Sunday morning at 8 am, it wasn’t a huge surprise to see the pool empty and the duty manager running around like a headless chicken canceling all the lessons.

There have been many instances since, some good and some that have made me feel uncomfortable but in the end, all of these messages have got me to where I am today which I am so grateful for!

The first level of our intuition is merely our inner voice and like any muscle when you use it more it becomes stronger. When it gets to a particular strength you have the ability to tap into it freely at any time and it feels so nice to be in touch with what your soul is truly saying to you. The next level of your intuition is the ability be to able to channel messages from spirit; this includes, Angels, Ascended Masters, Saints and other Deities.

I’ve always known that I have a deeper understanding of particular things, but I’ve also done a lot of work to open that part of my soul to enable me to help others. Some people say they’re not intuitive at all, but I know we all have the ability to be intuitive, it’s just a matter of making the decision to trust that inner voice more and as well as trust that the messages that are coming through are all for the greater good and sent with love and light.

To help you in opening up your intuition there is always angel cards or tarot cards if you’re more visual and find it hard to listen to the messages that are coming through.

I was guided to write this blog because there is so much talk out there with Angel healers, Intuitive Business Coaches, and Energy Healers but these people are not any better at reading energy than you, they have just learnt the art of tapping into that part of their being. All Spirit asks is that when we ask for guidance we say please and thank you and of course, we listen.

We all know that deeper feeling we have when something we want to happen in our lives gives us the tug, it’s just a matter of listening to that pull. Rebecca Campbell, author of Light is the New Black calls it ‘the niggle’.

Your niggle might be pulling you towards doing more study, asking that person out on a date or removing a negative situation from your life. The question is, will you listen to the niggle and honour what you know is best for you. This pull towards change can be scary but the bravery we have to muster up can be some of the greatest gifts we give ourselves in our lives!

Trust that you know the answer and what is right for you. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t and it’s not weak to say ‘no’ and remove yourself from a situation that no longer serves you. It actually creates space for more good to come along. It frees your soul for what it is here to do.

I have a lot of women ask me to tell them what to do, to confirm their desires for their lives and let them know if they're on the right track, but so much of the conversation that takes place is; ‘you know the answer, now it’s just about doing what it right for you and not feeling guilty for putting yourself first’.

In 2016, I went overseas for close to 5 weeks with my sisters and their partners and it was a wonderful time to step back from the hustle and bustle and remember what I know is right for me and what I want to do in my life. While I was away, I read the Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells, she talks about your diet and loving your body but what I took out of it the most was my happiness is non-negotiable and the time has come where I won’t compromise on particular things because they make me feel shit and I am worth more than that. We all are. We are worth following the niggle, listening to our intuition and trusting that we have a dream for a reason. The time is now to step into our Goddess power and be the women that we came here to be! If you have something that you have wanted to do for a while, seriously what is stopping you?

I hear you say, I have no time, no money, I have to look after this and that, but are you forever going to be putting yourself last on your list of happiness? Why are you at the bottom? Why aren’t you as important as your friends or loved ones? The more that you push your needs and intuition aside the more uncomfortable you will become.

Do you want to know more?

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