My saddest and happiest goodbye

I guess I've been toying with the idea bit over the last few years. Moving closer and closer to how I wanted to be in business. Stepping forward and back and round and through. 

With this week's launch of Dylan Alcott and Nick Morris' awesome enterprise Get Skilled Access, an organisation that plans on changing the face of accessibility for people with disabilities in a way that is appropriate for 2017, I am stepping out of the spotlight in regards to disability and plan on focusing on what really makes my heart sing with joy. 

I am a Spiritual Business Strategist, who just happens to use a wheelchair to get around, and as I've got braver, I now know that I don't plan on being the face or spokesperson of disability in this country. This is not to say that I won't ever talk about it or support the movement, it's more to say that I am finally freeing myself of the obligations of talking about something that doesn't interest me all the time. I am more interested in seeing women step into their spiritual, goddess power and live their dreams by creating their own opportunities.

You will see that my social media will be change and it will now just all come under Elle Steele, my name. 

My email will be changing to and my facebook page will be releasing Create Believe Achieve from its name for someone else to enjoy and take care of. Those words have helped me immensely but it someone else's turn to use them to help light them up. All changes will be communicated on my social pages and on the website. 

If you're looking for me on Instagram, you can find me under @iamellesteele

I will still be healing, working with women on their spiritual business strategies and speaking about my time as an athlete, but the days of fighting in the disability sector are done for me, as they just drain me to much. 

I am focusing on the creation of even more Monthly Unwinds, my book and a Monthly Unwind Planner that I hope to have completed for next year. 

I am so excited to be able to continue on this journey with you all and trust that you will be by my side as we continue to live a life that lights us up. 

Your's in spiritual truth,