Do you want to know a secret? 

About ten years ago, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety disorder. I've been on and off medication for about 7 years. Sometimes it's really bad, other days, you can't even tell. Sometimes it's related to situations that may arise in my life (like surgery, disability pain, or a stressful work week). But, what's been more powerful than any medication I've been on is the power of energy healing and getting in touch with my spirituality, my true essence, my souls inner self belief.

Energy healing and embracing my spiritual mastery have given me the inner strength to get through times that I wasn't sure I'd be able to get through. 

And, they can for you too. 

You know what I reckon? If you've never had moments of depression or anxiety you're some kind of superhuman or you're an Angel (or maybe a combination of the two). 

Why am I telling you this? Because, when I was in one of my darkest hours, I was shown one of my greatest powers, to see the good in the bad and grow from it. 

But, it's taken me to the age of 33 to really gain the strength to speak up and step into my spiritual mastery. I've been umming and ahhing about this for so long, unable to really trust myself (hey, anxiety and shitty self-worth, my old friend) but I'm over it now and I'm sick of trying to fit in and be something for everyone. 

I'm gonna do me now, you kewl with that!? 

I've got some awesome stuff in the pipeline at the moment, and it's all going to become clearer and clearer over the next few months, but I wanted to share with you all first because there is no better time than the start of a month to begin something new. 

I present to you...



So, here's how we're all going to become VIP members of the

Self Belief Club.

Throughout May, I will be posting one picture a day following the below self-belief prompts and I would LOVE if you would join me in the adventure. The whole idea of this exercise to start putting ourselves first in our lives so that when we want to help others or achieve something we've been wanting to achieve for a long time, we have the inner strength and self-belief to do so. 

Below are your daily prompts, but they can also be emailed to you if you would like to have them in your inbox - just click here and I'll send it through. 

P.S You can start the challenge on any day, just like you can wake up tomorrow and decide to live your life differently. You don't have to wait until Monday, or a new week or month...You're in the position of power here, use it.  

self belief challenge daily prompts (1).png

Errrmmygawd. I am so excited to be sharing this with you and feel so blessed to be able to be myself through the interwebs. 

If you know of someone who might be needing some loving and a little help to believe in themselves again, please pass this on. 

And, because everything is connected...May's Monthly Unwind will help you create even more self-belief by learning the art of vibrational manifestation. Have no idea what I'm on about? Click here to find out.

And, please know that I believe in you. 

All my love. 

Your's in Spiritual truth, 

Elle x