30 Days of Self-Belief

One day, I just woke and decided I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. So, I changed.’

I remember the day I sat in my bedroom on this old clunky laptop, the lights off, listening to something slow and meditative.

I thought about the wonderful, empowered women around me. I saw them stepping up, speaking their minds, using and trusting their intuition. I wanted to be like them, I wanted to help women like me, feel like that. I wanted to change.

The words of my first business plan spilled onto the page.

  • Safe space…
  • Western and Spiritual medicine under one roof
  • Empowered women
  • Self-Love
  • Self-Belief
  • Healing tools
  • Workshops
  • Trust

I’d retired from being a Paralympic athlete, I felt lost, undesirable and as if I would never contribute to the world again. I now look back at how harshly I had judged myself.

My negative self-talk was through the roof.

I didn’t realise at the time that I was in control of my thoughts, that those thoughts created my emotions, which would lead to particular actions, which then lead to results (negative ones at that) and that’s how I had created all these awful beliefs about myself.


But, on this day it was different, I decided that I had the power to change the way I saw myself and the world around me, I had the power to help other women see how wonderful, inspiring and beautiful they really were. I had something to contribute.

On that day, I made the conscious decision to change my life for the better and, that was the birth of my business.

But more importantly, that was the birth of me. My true essence as a woman. Not to say, that some days I haven’t stuck to it. Because, you know, life. But, I have made a promise to myself that, there is always an ‘and’. Your story is never over, which means, you always have the power to change it.

So now, I share with you (seven years in the making) the beginning of the Self-Belief Club, it’s building, building...But, as I say to many of my clients, steps that you’re able to take without getting overwhelmed are better than taking no steps at all…

On July 1, starts 30 days of Self-Belief - it’s 30 Days of hashtags to help you get back on track, thinking positive and building your own self-belief. One day at a time...

We’re in this together, we have the power to help build up ourselves and others or to do the opposite…I hope and trust you choose the former.

The idea is, that over the next 30 days, we'll all follow the prompts below to create more self-belief in our lives. One small action a day really can change your whole life. So, I'll be taking a photo a day with the attached prompt - there is no right or wrong, it's really up to you what you want to have as your pictures!  

And, because I’m all about reward for saying yes to you, the most consistent, awesome sauce hashtagger, will get a free energy healing with me and two FREE tickets to August’s Monthly Unwind…

Will you join us?

Your's in Spiritual Truth, 

Elle x