The time is attend a Monthly Unwind.

Letting yourself open up to the possibilities that come with spirituality is hard for some people. Whether it’s a lack of belief, understanding, or fear of what others will think, many of us ignore the potential that lies within these healing methods. Emma recently attended her first ever Monthly Unwind, so I caught up with her afterwards to see how she connected with the experience:


Q: So, before your first Monthly Unwind, you hadn’t previously engaged or connected with spirituality, right?


A: Not really. I’d recently been introduced to spirituality cards, but other than that, my spiritual understanding didn’t really go beyond reading my horoscope in Cosmopolitan on the toilet! I do believe that everything happens for a reason – I have that tattooed on my arm – but I think I maybe practise that notion half-heartedly.


Q: What made you join us at the Monthly Unwind for the first time?


A: I’d heard great things from other people who had been, and I’d been planning to come to one for ages. When it came to it on the day, I needed it more than ever. I’d had a really overwhelming day, I was really flustered, shocked by some very abrupt and unexpected changes at work, and I was emotionally drained from a tough conversation with a family member the night before. I guess you could say it was perfect timing, weirdly enough.


Q: The event you attended was called ‘Be Your Own Energy Healer’. How would you explain the experience to others?


A: I really had no idea what to expect. I hadn’t given it much thought after the crazy day – I really just went in hoping to feel a release. I was a bit apprehensive, as I’m really not good at the whole meditation thing. I like to sweat things out rather than be still, so I was worried the amount of closed-eye action would just let me think and think and think. But it didn’t, really. We first of all connected with our own bodies, and scanned each sensation looking for negative energy. Then you [Elle] showed us how to remove it, and it was really interesting how that action of physically moving the negativity and taking it away felt therapeutic. When we came to working in pairs, I think I struggled to fully let go. I overthought it a bit, but it was powerful from the other perspective of having someone else feel my energy. I think my poor partner got a bit stuffed because I wasn’t fully present for that one!


Q: I’m sure it was fine! So you felt value in the other members of the group?


A: Absolutely. It was a very intimate experience, very powerful. Some felt able to cry, and you could feel the release.


Q: How have you changed since your Monthly Unwind experience?


A: Well I am on a little bit of a self-belief journey. I want to be happier in myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’d consider myself super happy, and everything is (mostly) going really well for me. But I have some things that I know I need to handle better. Some emotional baggage, some latent body images issues; the usual stuff. Connecting with those feelings and understanding that I can separate the negative energy from everything else that I am is really helping me.


Q: Would you attend another event?!


A: Totally! I’ve been neglecting those steps to self-belief a little bit lately just because I’ve been SO busy. I’ve been more focused on getting shit done and out the door, with little time to stop and reflect, but I’m starting to understand the power of making the time to do it.


Are you a newbie to intuition, energy healing and spirituality? Don’t be afraid. We welcome you to join us at the next Monthly Unwind event, whatever stage you’re at. The time is now.