The fast way to start afresh

Over a six month period of time I moved three times, each time I moved I threw away clothes (to the op-shop), chucked out old makeup and unused, I hate to say it, undervalued products.


You value your life, you value you, let’s value everything in it.

  • The Bathroom – throw away those half-empty old shampoos, soaps, tubes of toothpaste, etc. Throw or give away the presents from people that you’re ‘saving for a special occasion’ (I thought life was a special occasion? I would guess the reason you haven’t used it is because you don’t value it? Or you’re waiting for the perfect time? Is there ever a perfect time?)

  • The Bedroom – give away or throw away any clothes, shoes, and jewelry that you haven’t worn in the past year. They are the old you, you are constantly evolving, allow yourself to change.

  • The Kitchen – clear out the fridge and the pantry of everything out-dated and never eaten. This creates stagnant energy in the home, which can manifest in your body. Why not start afresh? You deserve it, don’t you?

  • The Office – organise the computer, throw out old papers and files what needs to be kept. File the important documents, scan others and save them on a hard drive. Create a space to create your destiny. Unfinished business becomes layers and layers of incompleteness, which then leads to zero results.

Good luck! You can do it - declutter your life and welcome in the new!