How you can change your life.

It’s been a funny ol’ year. 

The more I chat to people, I get the idea that it’s been slightly tough on a lot of us. You may know, but at the start of this year, I was so burnt out, I nearly shut up shop. 🤭

I was so tired of busting my gut and not getting anywhere, I felt so stuck and niched and just poor, in so many areas of my life. 

Which is so not me, I’d never felt poor or lacking in abundance, I’d always had this feeling deep down inside that I would always be ok. 

I was still working solely for myself and had small wins here and there, but mostly, I was living week to week. So, in classic Elle style, I started to think of other ways that I could start to make some cash, without having to go back into the a corporate office job because blerg - they just aren’t for me. 

One tear-filled afternoon, I mentioned to my parents how I’d been thinking of heading back to swimming teaching (something I did for years in my teens and 20’s). As always, my parents were supportive and helped me get requalified. Which was a bit of a funny situation in itself, due to being a Paralympic swimmer and a teacher for years, I pretty much knew all the content I was being taught, but sometimes you have do these things to move forward in your life. 🙄

And, like magic, my life changed. It was as if, I had said to the universe, I’m open to abundance, I’m open to doing activities that make me push myself and feel good, it was as if I FINALLY believed I was worthy of being paid something for something I was in expert in. 

You know, the only thing that really changed was, I did something. I acted on a feeling, an impulse, instead of spending my life worrying about what and how, I did. 

Or maybe it was divine timing, but then the work started to pour in. 

It’s funny, a similar phenomenon happened when I started to see myself as Elle, not Elle, the girl with the disability. When your mindset changes, it’s like you have magical powers that help you create the life of your dreams.


Do you feel rich? Or do you feel poor?

Do you feel like you’ve always got heaps of opportunities heading your way, or do you feel stuck and undervalued?

Feeling abundant doesn’t necessarily mean you have heaps of cash in your account and money being thrown at you, but it does mean that you see that life has a lot to offer instead feeling like you need to hold onto everything, just in case.

If I think about the readings I give people and the kind of questions that I get asked, so many people think or feel like they don’t have the power to ‘take a chance in their lives’, its as if they feel, well, it’s just my lot that I don’t have money or abundance now, so life is just meant to be like that.

Last month, I mentioned that one of the most common questions I get asked is ‘what do the Angels what me to know, do, insert word here?’

They want you to be happy, so if that means, being brave and breaking up with the person that makes you feel shit (even if you think they’re your soul mate), it means taking the job, that your ego thinks your ‘above’ just to get the cash flowing again, it means, putting in place a plan so you can leave your job and become the world’s most famous resin earring maker.

An abundance mindset is seeing that there are options EVERYWHERE, all the time to you, and that you are the only one standing in your way if you’re not taking the ones that you’re drawn too.

Give yourself the gift of life, in all of its ways, don’t just sit there, in case something bad happens, I promise, when you get that feeling the best thing for you to do, is to take the next step,