Elle's top three card decks, songs and biz babes for 2018.

What an epic year it’s been ay?

I’ve spoken to so many people who’ve mentioned that they can feel a definitive first and second half of the year and others that have said that they’ve felt like 2018 had a few years in one.

Well, if I’m honest, I’m totally cooked and ready for some much needed sunshine and downtime, but before I jet off to Waikiki, here are my top three’s of the year…

Here are a few of my top three’s for 2018:


Top Three Card Decks:

The She Wolfe Tarot, a Serperntfire creation; Ok, I came quite late to this deck due to the excessive postage fees from the US to Australia, but thank gawd for my babes at Our Satellite Hearts, because I am in LOVE with this deck, massive call, but this is my deck for 2018 and I’ve only had it for 3 days. The art work is so gorgeous with deep hues of blues and colours you would only find if you were flying through the universe. The guidebook takes you through each card with intense detail and then gives you a reading and a meaning for both light and shadow meanings. This deck is a must have.

The Game of Thrones Tarot Deck; OHKAY, So, this was a classic Elle, I must have this gimmick deck now purchase. but seriously, this deck is next level with its insights and storytelling ability. If you know the show then you get an even deeper reading because the cards depict the characters so beautifully. The guidebook is a little ye-olde book that looks like something Sam Tully would pull from the shelves, Totally recommend this deck.

Kyle Gray’s Angels and Ancestors; an easy and fun deck to use if you’re starting out and want some insights from your, Angels and Ancestors, I especially love the artwork by Lily Moses that you can individually purchase on her instagram account.

Top Three Songs:

Not About You - Haiku Hands

Wave to Anchor - Hundred Waters

Long Way Home - Nessi Gomes

Top Three Biz Babes:

Iolanthe Gabrie and her posse

Erin O’Donoghue

Hayley O’Donnell

These women have all cracked themselves open, been brave and stepped off the ledge and I’m so proud of their achievements in 2018!

I wish you a wonderful, loved-filled, safe and happy holiday.

Thank you for being my support, allowing me to grow and sticking by me, here’s to another ace one in 2019!

Elle xx