What if it didn’t matter what happened in your life?

What if, you were able to let all the situations, reactions of others and external ‘stuff’ wash over you?

I’ll teach you how.

We’ve spoken about how nothing in your life has any control over you. It’s true. Because the way you look at stuff all comes from your own perspective. When you truly learn about perception it changes your life.


I used to have so many people make comments about my disability. It actually got to the point where I was so over people making comments that I avoided going out with friends, or especially new friends because I didn’t want to be put in an awkward situation where someone would make a comment that would upset me. 

But, as I became more ‘ok’ with my disability my perception began to change and then I didn’t notice as many people coming up to me making strange comments. I thought it was just that people were beginning to see people with disabilities as people that were ‘just like them’ but then I thought about the whole concept of ‘what you put out you get back’ and realised I was putting out to the universe that I was the same as everyone else and people were seeing me as I saw myself. It was refreshing.

What rules have you created in your life that is making it difficult for you? Do you believe that something means something that it might not? Do you believe that when someone says something to you or they look at you in a particular it means something?

The face I pull when I see a dog...

The face I pull when I see a dog...

What if nothing meant anything until we gave it meaning? I talk to my clients about this a lot. They say things like, ‘Well, he gave me that look...’ and I reply with ‘the look, what does 'the look' mean?’ and so often they’ll reply ‘The look means that he’s going to break up with me, that he doesn’t like me, that I’m not good enough for him’. My response, ‘ok, what does this look mean?’ (Cue, *pulls a weird face.) You know what? They can’t answer because how would they know unless they were me and knew exactly what was going on in my head.

You will create meanings to everything in your life. To make your life easier and more enjoyable, why not make everything mean something positive?