Do you actually want to change?

Do you actually want to change?

Or do you love drama?

Maybe you’re getting a kick out of all the drama in your life?


If you’re answering these questions and the tone of your voice in your head is defensive you could be in the drama cycle.

We know those people in our lives, the ones that always seem to have something negative happening going on and it’s all so dramatic! You can tell the difference from these people to the ones that actually have really challenging situations in their lives but always move through it with such grace.

If you’re one of those people that like drama, how is that working out for you? You don’t have to be all-dramatic to get your own way, did you know? Are you getting annoyed while you're reading this?

I know it can seem a bit direct and maybe as if I'm making some comments that aren't appropriate but the only reason I'm being direct is because I want you to know deep down you don't have to be angry at the world, or feel like others have it easier or even  that life is a race. 

But really, nothing has meaning, except for the meaning we give it. 


If you feel like you’re about to blow up or you’re about to gossip about someone in the office or complain about something, why not take three deep slow breaths and see if you still feel like doing it afterward?

When you live in the drama cycle you will constantly find the negative in something, everything will feel too hard, others will always have what you want or you'll always being judging how others are living. If you just let it be and didn’t worry about the ‘what if’s’ or how others were living their lives, you would be a lot happier. I promise.