The How-to of New Moon Rituals

I used a few different spiritual rituals when I first transitioned into a more spiritual way of life. They helped me feel more in control of the unknown and because I was deep in the depression and anxiety fog, they were also really healing.

I believe it’s really important to note that EVERYONE can do these rituals. I remember talking to some of the rugby boys about meditation practice and they used to scoff at me, but meditation has so many different ‘faces’, and if you believe it has to be done in a particular way, you’re just pigeonholing yourself or being righteous, let it go.

Meditation can come in the form of visualisation, channelling messages from your guides, going for a swim, run, bike ride, walking in nature. It’s about what makes you feel calm like you can stop for a second, to be quiet, to go within and listen.

I’d been visualising as an athlete for years, my coach used to get me visual the perfect race and swim it over and over again in the pool. I used to visualise myself on the podium, looking at the scoreboard, seeing myself breaking the world record. Later I went to a meditation class where my beautiful friend Libby would channel a scenario and healing from the Angels, later, I learnt to do that too.

When adult colouring was huge, I had colouring books and pens everywhere. I then learnt how to meditate from reading books written by Pema Chodron. The reason I am telling you this is because it’s important to just start, get the feel for it and go for it. You don’t have to be perfect and no one is when he or she starts something new, but it’s important to give new things a go.

The moon has fascinated humankind for centuries and it is a constant companion to anyone wanting to tap more into the energetic power of the goddess. It works in cycles, just the woman and goddess, and now modern witches are coming back to the power of listening to their bodies and the innate energetic power that we all have.

In this fast-paced world, it is so nice to allocate time out to spend with your sisters under the moon. Over the last 12 months, as my girlfriends have tapped more and more into their intuitive nature, we have celebrated through a women's circle under the Full and the New Moons, both rituals are similar in a sense, but have different intentions and magic to behold.

Ezzie Spencer an expert in all things moon-related opens her book, Lunar Abundance with the following statement ‘This book is for you if, you are ready to get to know your own cycles, work in your natural flow, connect with something bigger and ride the accelerating waves of transformation and change on this planet’.

You can feel it, I know you can. That the world is changing, embracing the old magic and you are being called to become more aware of the magic that it beholds and that you behold. The moon can help you to do this. 

As mentioned by Forever Conscious; the Aries New Moon on April 15th brings the start of a new lunar cycle and a new wave of energy that is going to be helping all of us to create much-needed changes in our lives.

Here is a How-to use the New Moon Ritual Guide:


The New Moon is commonly known as a time of intention setting, for how you want to feel, be and live out the next cycle of the moon. Please note, that manifesting and intention setting are different. We’ll talk more about manifesting another time.

Here's what a regular New Moon looks like for my girlfriends and me.

Each month on the New Moon Ritual we rotate the evening between our homes, there are three core members of the group, so when it comes around to a new month, whoever is hosting the ritual invites who they believe would be interested in coming along on top of that core group.

We have a simple dinner party, enjoy beautiful smelling candles and conduct Oracle or Tarot card readings. You can find great New Moon Ritual card readings on New Age Hipsters Instagram account. These readings usually focus on setting intentions, what you’re giving thanks too from the last new moon cycle and how you can step more into this months intention.

We also perform readings for one another which a lovely way to open up our intuition muscles and help each other gain insights into our readings, sometimes when you’re giving yourself a reading your wires can get crossed and you’ll only see what you want to see, which is why it's so great to be able to call on your gals for some insights.

Then the fun part begins when we write a letter to the moon stating our intentions for the new cycle. The letter can go something like this;


‘Dear New Moon, May I now be permitted to clear all blocks, bonds, curses and spells that will stop me from embracing this energy of new beginning and intention. I am now ready to manifest joy, love, abundance and gratitude into my life now. In this cycle, I focus on the intention of…’  


Now grab one of the candles that have been burning all night and go out into the darkness and burn the letter under the sky, the embers of the letter will then seep into the energy of the universe and be taken up for creation.

If you find that not all of your letter is burnt and you can read some of the words that are left over, check in with them and ask them what they are telling you, what do you need to work on to help them shift and be present to the answers.

If you'd like to join in on the New Moon fun with me and over 20 other women, join us at Lumos on Sunday, April 15, you can grab your spot here. The collective power of a group of Goddesses setting their intentions in one place makes the magic so much stronger. 

Elle xx