How to use divination tools to make strong business decisions.

Most of you now know that I'm all about bringing the spiritual and mystic side of life into our businesses because I believe our intuition plays such a huge role in our personal and professional growth.

I bought my first oracle card deck when I was 21, it was Doreen Virtue's Message's from your Angels and not only did it give me great comfort to know I had my Angels around me (in the form of the deck in my handbag), it helped me to get clear and open conversation going with my higher self and these entities that I knew cared so much about my wellbeing. It's been nearly 15 years since I tapped into the true part of myself as an intuitive, mystical goddess, but I know I'm still here to have an earthly humanie experience which is why, every day, I bring my love of business growth, strategy and events into the work I do. 

But, my crystals, oils, and cards are NEVER far away. So, how do I use these tools to make strong and sustainable decisions in my business? 

For today I'm going to talk about oracle cards because I don't want to overload you with heaps of information. 


You can use any type of oracle card deck, for example here are two very different decks that I own, the Game of Thrones Tarot and The Walk your Light Oracle Card deck, both these decks are so different, but I still get strong messages and guidance; they are just communicated differently. 

For all readings, I grab my cards and touch each card individually. This helps the energy that I am currently carrying transfer onto each card and helps the cards to begin an energy activation. I then call the pieces of myself that have become scattered or are off healing someone else!

I do this by simply saying (out loud or in my head); 'I call all pieces of me back, to my heart, to my soul. All lessons from these experiences will remain, all negative energy or energy that does not serve my highest good will be removed, cleaned and transmuted to the white light for healing'  

I'll then shuffle my cards, asking them 'what I need to know' about a specific project, piece of work, meeting, conversation. I feel the question, what do I need to know, gives you a great insight, to begin with. 

I generally pull three cards, the first card representing where I'm at now (present) I place this card face down on the table, I pull a second card, and place it to the right of the first, the second card represents what I am learning from this situation and, lastly, pulling a third card, which is placed to the right of all the cards represents the most likely outcome related to my question. 

If I want more information, I will continue to ask for more information, and you can always get more specific answers by asking your Angels to be clearer with you or by pulling more cards. 

NB: If you feel the cards that you're pulling are negative or not what you're wanting, then ask yourself, what am I not getting from about these messages? Why am I so against the truth in this situation? Why am I fighting to have it a particular way?

I find that it's easier to have a notebook on hand when you're giving yourself a reading because you'll get a lot of insight and we can't remember everything. In your Oracle card box there will be a booklet with the meanings of each card, so if you feel you're not up to chatting freely with the Angels or guides and your intuition, just use the booklet, it's there to help you. 

Here's an oracle card spread for you to practice with: 

What do I need to know.....png

I hope this is helpful and I can't wait to hear how your life changes, now that you're tapping into a higher power in your business decision making! 

As always, if you have any questions, drop me a line at or join the Mastering your Intuition for Business Facebook Group