What the last new moon taught me.

I love a good New Moon and we've been lucky enough this to have some significant change and growth with the help of three solar and lunar eclipses. 

These energies help all new and full moons to become more powerful and instead of the potent energy of the moon only lasting a few days, when there is an eclipse involved the energy can last up to 6 months. 

The August New Moon (Aug 11) was a special night with my family, as we celebrated my little sister's wedding. So, instead of getting together with my girlfriends on the night of the new moon, which is tradition, we met up the night before at my place, to eat delicious food and drink some pimms (embracing the old ladies that we are!)

Each month we give each other card readings, all being highly intuitive, this is a chance for us to practice our skills, but also to help our sisters gain some insights into our own lives. 


At this point, I gained a LOT into who I had been playing out a particular behaviour in my life. Trying to push down how I was actually feeling in this situation, because 'when you're positive, like, attracts like' but that hadn't been the case for me, it had been this reoccurring issue in my life where I'd think one minute I'd learnt the lesson and the next I'd be back to square one. 

So, I thought about it, I thought to myself, do, I actually respect who I am and what I am trying to do here? Do I respect the other party? The answer was a loud, no

So, because we can change in an instant, I decided to change my attitude towards myself and this situation, I chose to come at it with love and respect instead of stress and fear.

If I am living a life that is stressing me out, which I could change that in an instant, by a) picking up the phone and having an uncomfortable but healing conversation, b) eating better food c) just fecking paying the bills on time, then why am I not doing that? Well, somewhere deep down in my psych I wasn't respecting myself enough to actually live a life that feels stress-free and happy. 

So, where in your life are you feeling stressed and what can you change? Right now.

Is it, that from today onwards, you're going to wake up and wash your face because you deserve to take the time out for you?


Is it that you're going to pay the bills when they come in, instead of hoarding the money, in case...just in case you need it...

Respect yourself and the other energies in your life will jump on board.

Everything is energy right, so how can you change yours today to help you, live a life of freedom?