What can happen when you just say, yes.

The beginning of the year was a hard slog. I even thought about closing up shop.

I had no direction, was burnt out from the get go and felt like the universe was just pushing and pushing. It didn’t feel like a great space to human from. If I’m honest, I was probably the most depressed I’d been in years. That’s from someone who thought that was the only place you could live from a few years back.

Then, I realised, I’d put so many rules and obligations on myself that I couldn’t move, as well as, I’d spent the better part of 2018 telling myself I wasn’t enough, at anything. So, in May, I made a pact with myself, any work opportunity, any moment where I felt like I would be:

  • Out of my comfort zone

  • Could meet someone new

  • Would be forcing myself (cos let’d face it, sometimes you need to force yourself to get out of your own way)

  • Felt like a gift/message from the universe

I’d say yes.

Even if everyone around me was giving me the opposite advice, I would just say yes anyway, because even though these people thought they were helping me, I knew, their advice was coming from their perspective, I wanted to create my own adventure.

Side bar - As you grow, your loved ones might try and keep you safe, only because they love you, right? But, know you are the only one that can make your life, expansive, free and light-filled. One day, you’re going to have to say, thanks for the advice, but I’m gonna do it anyway and if the people around you freak the fark out, know it’s about them and not you.

So, back to the #yeslyf. I said yes to things that I knew I couldn’t afford in that moment that were in my future, I said yes to work that had no start date or no funding, I said yes to dates with people that weren’t my type, I said yes to a job that I thought was in my past.

And it led me here.


I’ve just come back from all expenses paid for conference in Byron which was epic. I’ve met incredible women who are helping me grow and even though, they’ve have only known me for, really, a few hours, they believe in my ideas and what I’m bringing to the world. I’ve got work coming out the warzoo and I feel more love in my life than I have felt for YEARS. Say yes to you.

I feel light and free and the biggest aha, I feel trust again. I trust my ability to make a life for myself that makes me feel great and that has an impact on the social issues that I am passionate about. Saying yes to life, is saying yes to you.

All, I did was, say yes (and show up). The universe wants you to take the leap, it will ALWAYS catch you.

What is something you’re hanging to do? Who is someone you’re froffing to chat with? Pick up the phone or type that email.

That trip you want to book, if you don’t have the cash right now, open up the account and put $20 in it today. Start somewhere.

September’s theme is soul’s purpose. Our purpose is to live a life that brings us joy. Thats why we’re here. It's not the number 42 or to find our soul mate, and it’s most definitley not to get up at 7:30am everyday, work from 9am to 5:30pm with an allocated 30 minute lunch break in a job that drains the shit out of us.

Say yes, just start with one yes. Maybe it’s swiping right for the first time in years or asking that guy on the train for his number, or maybe it’s quitting your job!

Say yes to you. today.