Gifts from the Universe

Did you know that the universe is gifting you things ALL.THE.TIME?

There will be moments in your life when you’re feeling like you’re not getting much help from the universe or your Angels. It can feel like you’re putting all this energy out, towards your dreams, towards helping others, and you’re getting NOTHING in return. It can be disheartening.

Today, I’ve curated a short list of gifts from the universe, that are always available to you.



Furbabies, yours or someone else’s…a warm snuggle with a fluffy friend will bring your energy back into flow. Animals have their own set of energy healing techniques, and they give them to us without condition. I’ve had my current furbaby for 15 years and he still amazes me with his way of communicating and the love that we share without really knowing what the other is saying. When you’re feeling slightly out of whack, call on your furry friend or find one that can give you some comfort. Here’s a picture of Harry is one of his finest moments…


I get a real high when people tell me about how they’re so poor and can’t afford anything, because it then gives me a chance to drop some knowledge 🎤. Everyone is abundant, yes, I get there are different levels of abundance, been there, got it. But, have you ever thought about the amount of free shit you get? The meal from a friend, or the cold brew delivered to your desk without a peep from you? These are all gifts from the universe. You’re not poor, right now, you’re just working out how to energetically transfer those gifts from food or drink into cold hard cash. And, it can be done, with some focused manifestation and chats with your Spirit Guides.



Whether you get what they’re trying to tell you or not, a dream is a gift from your unconscious mind, spreading a message to your prefrontal cortex, so that you can begin to understand, digest and express yourself in your everyday life. The best part of this is, that you will also get visits from loved ones as well as your Spirit Guides. These entities are always loving you and guiding you, a great reminder that you’re never alone.



You know those moments when you’re like, wtf just happened? Whether the outcome is a perceived good or bad one, these moments lead you towards feeling a certain way. I love when an Angel clearly comes to visit you and help you through something, an example would be; that Uber driver who helps you remember your worth and has you feeling like a badass as you step out into the street on your way to that freaky as meeting. You never see this person again but they had an impact on your life…a visit from an Angel.

These gifts are everywhere and I could go on forever, but the most important takeaway from any gift from the universe is that, if we’re so caught up in the shit, you’re not going to notice anything. If you’re continually feeling and reminding yourself that life is hard and that nothing will EVER change, you’ll never get to see the gifts that are right in front of your face.

I ask you, how can you notice the gifts from the universe today? Is it your furbaby that just HAD to cuddle you before you got out of bed this morning? Was it a smile from a stranger that made you feel like a total babetown as you walked into work? Or was it that coffee that just magically appeared on your desk? These are gifts that a lot of us are going to notice, so if you can. delve deeper, where are those gifts in your life that you may not have taken to much notice of?

Comment below, I’d love to hear about your gifts from the universe.