Why you need to protect yourself from energy vampires...

Wowsa, it's the first of March, 2017! How wonderful that the year is ramping up and we're all settling into our businesses and daily lives?

As everything settles down, we notice a spike in networking events, these events are so important to growing any business, naturally at any networking event you'll be talking to different people that you may not have interacted with before.

So, today I've written out how I protect myself before going to any event where I might not know the other attendees and essentially the ones that are energy vampires. This is a great technique to use before any interaction with people that drain your energy. Having your energy drained is not only something that happens if you're a business owner, it can happen when you walk down the street on the weekends too (so this technique is interchangeable). 

Energy Vampires unfortunately are drawn to people that make them feel good, they can be so hungry to get energy that pumps them up that suck the energy out of others. We need to protect ourselves energetically so that we don’t get drained from spending time with them.

So, before heading to any event where there will be a lot of people I always sit with Archangel Michael for a few minutes. The Angel of protection. Archangel Michael has a beautiful golden sword that he uses to cut the cords of energies that don’t serve our highest good.

Here’s the main points of a quick visualisation I use which will help you add extra protection before you head out the door.

  • Find yourself a quiet comfortable space (sitting up or lying down)

  • Close your eyes and breathe in deeply. Hold for three counts and then let it go.

  • Call on Archangel Michael (say his name three times) and any other spiritual beings to be with you as you release all energies that no longer serve you. You can now ask them to give you energy to protect yourself from energies that are not in your highest good.

  • As Archangel Michael comes to be with you, see him in your minds eye, filling you with beautiful white light. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes and back up again.

  • You then see yourself, encased in the white light as he touches the tip of your head and places you in an indigo egg for protection. This egg has small pores that allows only love to flow in and out.

  • As you sit in your indigo egg, Archangel Michael sends a spiral of red, orange and yellow light to cover you and lock in all the his positive loving energies.

You are now protected from harsh energies. The only catch, you need to ask Archangel Michael to protect you for a particular length of time and also thank Michael and any other spiritual beings for their service.

Our Angels/Spiritual beings are here to help us, but they can only intervene if we ask for help because of the rule of free will.

Another tip to a successful networking event is to go to the event with an intention of what you’re going to get out of it.

Are you going for free food? To meet a new accountant? For client prospects? What is your outcome of networking? Write it down, visualise it, make it happen. 

Then, when any conversation that doesn’t fall into that category happens, you can politely remove yourself from it and move on. 

Make these networking events work for you. Trust your intuition and your truth in knowing who is a positive person you can talk too. Who will make you or your business grow? Who will empower you to make change? Who can you empower to make change? 

You know, business doesn't have to be all about business, it can be about heart, hope and love. When you work through your soul with true integrity, amazing things happen and business growth becomes easy and inspiring. 


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