More than just a business coach.


It was late one winter night. I was filling up my hot water bottle. I felt down, so I looked up and spoke to my Angels, ' I just want to know what I want.' 

Whilst I hoped the Angels would send me a sign or chat back, I focused on twisting the lid of my hot water bottle tightly. I wasn't surprised I didn't hear anything, I'd felt intuitivly blocked for months. 

As I pushed back to my bedroom, I smashed into the wall, leaving a mark just below my favourite piece of art, a prized possession from a trip to London a few years back. 

The art reads, 'To give with a love that inspires the FREEDOM in all.'

I looked up at the poster. I smiled and said out loud, 'yes, that's what I want. I want FREEDOM.'

I'd niched myself within an inch of my life, I'd spend a lot of my life listening to others and how you should do business, love and life. 

I was so burnt out from trying to fit into someone else's idea of what I could do, that once I finished a project, I found it hard to move onto the next one. 

I decided to drop the act and be who I was all along. 

Someone who valued FREEDOM above everything. 



One-on-one Freedom sessions to get you tingling and trusting the universe and all it's infinite powers.



Elle can assist your organisation to create a thriving, productive workplace where your employees actually want to be. 



With over 15 years motivational speaking experience, Elle tells her story of overcoming adversity through disability and sport, and how she eventually set herself free through letting go of societal beliefs about disability, depression and spirituality.  


A gifted teacher and healer, time with Elle will give you a sense of insight into your daily life or business that will empower you to grow with strength - Iolanthe Gabrie, Ruby Assembly


Elle is a remarkable individual who takes great pleasure in helping people along their journey to becoming a better version of themselves. Elle's passion combined with her unique skill set and her infectious personality ensure that each interaction leaves a positive mark. - Anne T