It's rare to meet someone who can use both left and right sides of the brain so seamlessly.

With an extensive background in marketing, business development and events, I was your classic corporate all-rounder, except, I didn't want to help 'the man' make more money, I wanted to help women with businesses embrace their intuition and their true selves, so that they could be the ones making the money!

You see, I love business development, I love planning events and colour coding excel spreadsheets. I love creating brilliant programs and helping business owners to really get a grip on their businesses organisational structure but I'm also highly intuitive, with over ten years as a trained intuitive, energy healer and medium. 


I tried to do one or the other. I tried to fit into the corporate box that was safe...but it wasn't my jam. So, I left it. 

I then dipped my toe in the water as a business coach, but the intuition and energy healing side just kept coming into it. So, I decided, one really can't live without the other and combined them. 

It's tried and true, holistic business and life creation. 

Maybe, you don't want to work for 'the man' anymore but you're unsure of what to do - that's easy, we'll just ask your guides what your purpose is, then we'll start to make it happen, just like that. 

Or you've been in business for a while and it's been a HARD slog... 

So, instead of pushing sh*t up a hill, let's just clear all those limiting beliefs and stuck energy that's been holding you back. Let's retrain your brain to not self-sabotage and get you back in-tune with your truth.